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Payment Policies

Students and Parents,

  There are MANY ways to pay your bill. You can pay with cash/check/credit card, through an auto ACH monthly payment, and now through our NEW Studioware website:

To use Studioware, simply register yourself (your dancer will be your family member). Then enroll them in classes, if they aren’t already enrolled. You’ll be able to view your monthly balance and pay your bill online!!

** There will be a late fee enforced to anyone that does not pay their bill by the 10th of the month. Please understand that we DO NOT want to charge anyone a late fee, so your cooperation in this matter is much appreciated.  There is also a $35 returned check fee that will be assessed (it is what we are charged by the bank for returned checks).

** If you pay by cash, per studio policy, YOU must ask for a receipt. YOU are responsible for keeping this copy for future referral if needed.  This is to ensure your protection.

Automatic Withdrawl is our recommended form of payment, because it is automatically taken care of and it helps keep the billing system clean so that we can focus more on dancing! If you chose this route, please return a form along with a blank check. It will go into effect the next month, so you will still need to pay for the current months tuition/costumes separately.

Thank you again for your corporation with these policies. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!



Medical Emergencies:

In any event of an accident or emergency I hereby authorize my child to be transported to a hospital for medical treatment and I hold Dancin With Roxie and it's representatives harmless in the execution of such. Additionally, I hereby agree to individually provide for all medical expenses which may be incurred by me or my child(ren) as a result of any injury sustained while participating at or for Dancin With Roxie.


Studio Policies:

Please review and agree to our studio policies:

  1. Parking lot- DO NOT EVER LET YOUR CHILD PLAY IN THE PARKING LOT. We often see parents chatting in the lobby after class while their child walks out the door without them. We also see parents chatting outside the studio while their child plays between cars or in the neighboring business parking. This is absolutely against studio policy. Children are not to be left outside without supervision or leave the building without an adult.
  2. Where to park- We have designated parking spots; All other parking belongs to neighboring business and is not available for use. Please park in the designated parking spots.
  3. Send your student(s) to the studio prepared for class- Have the student(s) dressed in the necessary equipment
  4. Viewing window- The viewing window gives you an opportunity to watch class every so often and see the student's progress. Please feel free to watch class. If you notice students paying more attention to you than the instructor, please move away from the window. You might be a distraction to other students in the class, or possibly the teacher. Do not allow siblings to stand in lobby chairs while watching through the viewing window. Please make sure siblings are not distracting class.
  5. The lobby- Families are always welcome in the lobby but please keep in mind that lobby space is limited and it gets really hot in the waiting area. If you utilize the lobby, please throw trash away and straighten toys before leaving. Please replace chairs if you move them.
  6. Before and after class- Most classes start as a class ends. Please gather your child and be prepared to leave the building after class is over. Please be courteous to the class that comes after your class is over.
  7. Communication- The best way to communicate with teachers is by emailing through email or calling the studio. Phone messages may not be returned the same day. Teachers cannot accept calls during class time.

Studio Policies:

Please Read Carefully

I have read and understand all of the studio policies. When registering I agree I will follow all studio policies. 

1. COMMUNICATION: If you are not receiving emails 2 weeks after registering, chances are the email address that we have listed is not correct. Anytime that you feel you are not receiving e-mail there after please let us know as soon as possible. We send at least 5 correspondences a month so if you feel that you haven’t received anything in a while please email us at, to let us know. Otherwise, we unfortunately have no way of knowing.

a. The website contains various studio policies and information; please check here before calling with a question.

b. Become our friend on Facebook. Our page has our all of our last minute reminders, as well as lot of fun studio tidbits.

c. Lines of Communication.  In order have our teachers giving their full attention to students please follow the following communication tree.  First, send an email to Please allow 3-4 days to respond.  We may have to route your question to the proper staff member to be answered. Second, if your email is not responded to immediately you may call or text during office hours Monday-Thursday from 1-4 pm.  Last step, would be to speak to your teacher.  Please remember: All teachers do not have access to account information, etc. They may have to write your question down and route it to the correct staff member. Please do not post questions on the Facebook page. 

2. INSURANCE: Dancin’ with Roxie does not carry medical insurance for students. All students must be covered under their own family’s policy. The studio is not responsible for any injury incurred during class and it is understood that the student’s own policy is the only source for reimbursement.   

3. MARKETING:  I understand that any pictures or videos of my child can be used in print or advertising materials for the studio. All pictures and videos will be used with respect to each class in making them look their best.

4. CLASS SCHEDULE: A tentative weekly/annual schedule of the year will be posted as early as recital, but adjustments may be made through registration period due to changes in enrollment and staffing.

5. CANCELLATIONS & HOLIDAY BREAKS: If the school district the dance studio is in cancels or lets out early, the studio will be closed. If classes are cancelled it will be posted on the Facebook page and emailed. If in doubt please email the studio at

The first 3 snow days will not be made-up. After 3 cancellations a make-up class will be scheduled to best fit the needs of the student in that class. If the scheduled teacher has a conflict, another studio teacher may be in class to substitute teach. The studio will generally follow the school schedule for holiday, winter, and spring breaks. We will still have classes on teacher in service days and other misc. breaks. The teacher may cancel one class per season due to personal reasons. 

If there is an athletic event or performance of any type and less than 3 students will be attending class, classes will be cancelled. All classes must have at least 3 students in attendance to hold class. Some students travel to the studio so they need to know if there will be no class. Please inform our office about any big events two or more weeks in advance, so the class can plan for who will be gone. 

6. FEES: Class & costume fees will be charged according to the schedule. Dancin’ with Roxie core classes run 9 months a year; with additional summer classes as an option. 
Discounts will be given to students who take multiple classes. (Does not apply to Competition Team Students)   1st class= no discount  2nd class= $5.00 off total tuition  3rd Class= $10.00 off total tuition  4th Class= $15.00 off total tuition 5th class=$20 off total tuition 
Payments are due before the 1st of the month unless you are on auto payment in which the payment will occur on the 1st of the month.

There will be no refunds given for classes or costumes without extreme circumstances. 

You are responsible for asking for and keeping a receipt when making cash payments, in the event that there is a discrepancy, you will need to present that receipt for the payment to be applied to your account. 

Payment for shoes and merchandise is due when it is ordered not after is comes in. 
Any additional equipment will not be ordered until paid in full. 

You WILL NOT be receiving a monthly bill/statement from our office for your monthly tuition. Monthly statements will sent out  for overdue balances only.      

 You are responsible for all of the fees for all of the classes you register for. If the dancer chooses to add/drop a class or not continue with as a Dancin’ With Roxie dancer an add/drop class form must be filled out with a parents signature.  Your account will be charged until the form is filled out. Form must be turned in prior to the 20th of the month to avoid future months charges.  You will be responsible for all fees on your account until the add/drop form is turned in. Balances on closed accounts are due 30 days after the drop from is handed in before further collections are made. 

Payment Options: (chose from the following options)

Automatic Monthly Withdrawal- Preferred, Automatic MasterCard/Visa Monthly Payment- $5.00 fee assessed per month. Check or Cash (You are responsible for asking and keeping a receipt for cash payments)  if paying with cash all receipts must be saved in case of discrepancy. If you don’t keep proof of payment what the dance studio has on record will be what we go by.

Automatic Monthly Withdrawal & Automatic Master Card/Visa Payments ACH Forms will be available for the Automatic MasterCard/Visa Monthly Payment and Monthly Automatic Withdraw options at registration or the first week of class. Payment will be taken on the first day of the month. If you change checking accounts or credit cards, please complete a new ACH form and submit to the office by the 10 of the month before your ACH. Auto Payment is the preferred payment method.


All accounts not paid by the 10th of the month will be charged a $10.00 late fee for every month it is overdue. There will be a $35.00 fee assessed to all returned checks.

If your account is more than 30 days past due your dancer will be asked to watch class until the account is paid in full. If you have problems paying your account due to job loss or illness please email to discuss payment arrangements. We will be happy to work with you with your payment options.

7. MERCHANDISE/SHOE PURCHASES: When purchasing merchandise we accept check or cash. We also accept Visa/MasterCard/Amex etc. 
 **Merchandise may not be charged to accounts. 

All students may enroll in private lessons. Private lesson may be used to individual technique lesson or for a solo/ duet/trio will be taught a routine to be taken to a non-studio competition, talent show, or pageant with permission of the instructor. 
Private lessons cost $50.00 an hour per student Each routine takes approximately 5-6 hours of teaching time. Each Routine will be assessed a $150.00 choreography fee. Costumes for private lesson students must be paid when the lessons start. Cost for a private lesson costume is $150.00. For a solo/duet/trio being used for studio competition- please see the competition team policies. 

9. COMPETITION TEAM: Please see supplement competition team policy for details on procedures, requirement, fees, etc. 

10. ATTENDANCE: Attendance is taken at every class and is very important to the success of the class. In order to be on the competition team attendance of 90% or higher is required in all classes. A total of 4 or more misses from your Competition Classes will make you ineligible for all competitions and other events.

For Regular Classes a missed class can be made-up by the student attending the age level below or above the dancer within 2 weeks of the class missed.

11. COSTUMES: Students may be required to purchase special shoes, props, and accessories required for the routine. Certain are required for each dancer and is an additional fee not included in costume prices.

Each class will have one costume for each style of dance. Costume fees will be charged in 4 monthly payments of $20.00 each per costume. Costume payments will be made with the first 4 tuition payments of the year. Costume payments are also due the 1st of the Month with the tuition payments. Price includes Sales Tax & Shipping

No costumes will be ordered until it is paid in full.

If costumes are ordered late due to non-payment the costume will not be guaranteed before pictures or recital and will be assed an additional fee to cover additional shipping.

 Costumes are picked by the studio owner for each class. If you have any other reservations about what your child wears please share these thoughts with Ms. Roxanna so she can choose the best costumes for your child’s class at the beginning of the year.

Note: All costumes will be in good taste but dance costumes are form fitting and either a leotard, shorts, or briefs are used.

Any color of dance attire is acceptable.

Hair must be pulled back and out of the dancers face for every class. Pony tail, bun, or braids are acceptable.

Dance shoes are to be worn in class or during a performance and not outside. Dancers must have all shoes needed for each class. A dancer may dance one class without the permitted shoes but will be asked to watch each following week.

Absolutely NO T-shirts or long athletic shorts allowed.

NO long dangle earrings or distracting jewelry.

Dance tights are required to be worn to EVERY class. (No Nylons) 

Dress Code Requirements for Competition Team:  
There is a specific uniform that all members of competition team are required to purchase. These uniforms must be worn to EVERY competition practice. Correct shoes must be worn at all times and hair has to be pulled up and out of face. If a dancer does not follow correct classroom attire for their set classes (competition or regular classes), he/she will be asked to sit out during that class. If the same issue keeps happening the parents will be notified. 

Class Specific –  
Combination classes- Leotard and tights (not pantyhose) are required for classes. Warm-ups may be worn but must be taken off after the warm-up is over with. Booty shorts, leg warmers, and/or a ballet skirt can be worn through the entire class. Ballet, tap, and jazz shoes are required for class. Shoes bought from somewhere other than the studio must be okayed with the instructor. No baggy t-shirts or shorts will be allowed in class.

Hip Hop - Hats, shoes, pants, and shirts need to have a hip hop feel to them. Hip hop is a style and the dancers clothing needs to help them feel the style and culture for hip hop. Not all Hip Hop Clothing is baggy. Fitted clothing is preferred for class. 

Ballet Technique Class  - Black Leotard and pink tights (not pantyhose) are required for classes. Hair must be worn up in a bun and all hair secure/pinned away from the face. Warm-ups may be worn but must be taken off after the barre work is over with. Booty shorts, leg warmers, and/or a ballet skirt can be worn through the entire class. Pink ballet shoes are required for class. In order to dance like a ballerina, you must feel like one!      

All routines performed outside of dance class must have the permission of the instructor/choreographer AND studio owner. Choreography must not be altered without permission from all of the above listed parties and it is property of the studio and instructor. No choreography will be used outside of class until after recital. Completion of a permission slip, which can be obtained through our office, is necessary for any and all choreography usage outside of the studio. 


No food in the studio area is allowed. Students may bring water to drink while changing shoes.

All students and parents are expected to pick up after themselves and use the trash containers provided.

Any shoes, clothing, and misc. items left at the studio will be placed in a lost and found bin. The bin will be emptied out at the end of the season.

All cell phones must be turned off during class. No calls will be made during class time unless there is an emergency. Students will have one warning during class about cell phone usage during class and then parents will be notified. Students will be allowed to use the studio phone to call parents if they need something. 

Guidelines for behavior: Leave any personal negativity at the door when entering the studio.

Arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of every class or rehearsal.

Never attempt to contact teachers or choreographers at home. All contact must be made through the studio office.

Finish every class or choreography session with a thank-you to the teacher or choreographer.

 When wearing your studio jacket or other apparel to non-dance events, be sure that the activities and your behavior reflect positively on you and the studio.

Please be respectful when speaking of the studio and any of our students/instructors or anyone related to the studio. It is a direct reflection of our young dancers.

Do not speak negatively of the studio/instructors/students or their families on social media.

Bullying of any form will absolutely NOT be tolerated. Parents will be notified of any complaints immediately and if the problem persists, ultimately we will have to remove the student who is behaving inappropriately towards others from the class. If you think your child is having issues in class please contact the office. We want to ensure a safe and secure learning environment for all of our students. We do not allow discrimination of appearance, special needs, gender, race, sexual orientation, social or financial stature, etc. 

17. EXTRAS  
We are not a daycare, please do not leave your dancer too early or leave them too late after a class unsupervised if they are not waiting in between classes. Waiting in between classes is fine, if they are well behaved and seat themselves quietly while the other class is going on. Warnings will be issued to students for unruly or destructive behavior (poor use of studio property, coloring on walls, etc.) during down time.

Please only bring your dancer 15 minutes before start time and pick them up no later than 15 minutes after start time. We appreciate your cooperation. We want to ensure a safe and secure environment for all of our students.  
Dancers must wait inside the studio doors for a ride if nobody else is outside with them.    

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